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Arizona Desert Racing Association (ADRA) mission is to provide a fun family friendly off-road racing series for off-road racing enthusiast throughout Arizona. Safety of our racers and responsibility to the desert and mountain terrain the environment and its wildlife are paramount to our success. We feel it’s our duty to provide safe, fun, challenging courses for our members, now and into the future.



Short Course Off-Road Racing: It's A Bird... It's a Plane...It's A Flying Truck?

Short course off-road racing is a lesser known hobby. However, it does have a fairly substantial number of serious fans who attend races and cheer on their favorite drivers. In fact, tracks have been modified to be more spectator-friendly as interest in the sport has increased.Digging up significant information about it is challenging, as websites dedicated to short course racing tend to exist mainly for the purpose of fan/racer forums and are not designed for outsiders seeking general information. There are two main aspects of short course racing that draw people’s interest: admiring, modifying or purchasing the trucks and the racing itself. For this reason, short course off-road racing draws both the mechanical and competitive spirits to its following.

Short course racing involves modified trucks which race on closed dirt road courses. These races are generally only tens of miles long, while long course races tend to be hundreds of miles long. Short course off-road racing can be divided into two distinct categories based on whether they are run on an outdoor course or in an arena. The outdoor short course off-road racing world championship takes place at Crandon International Off-Road Raceway, which is located near Crandon, Wisconsin on Route 8. The TORC: The Off Road Championship is another notable short course off-road racing event that takes place at the Crandon Raceway. The dirt track is 1.5 miles long, shortened from its former length of 1.75 miles. The track is also set up to run races with 1.25 mile-long laps, so that spectators have a more complete view of the track. Tickets usually cost around 50 dollars, which suggests a relatively high demand.

Racers drive a specially modified truck, which boasts 4 wheel drive and up to 700 to 900 horsepower. This means that anyone looking to start a short course racing career will probably need a good amount of capital to get the ball rolling. As hobbies go, it is not one of the cheap ones. In order to handle varied terrain and conditions, these trucks are also equipt with increased suspension, which allows for about 12 inches of suspension travel on each wheel. Despite the special additions, the trucks’ frames are extremely lightweight, as they are made out of fiberglass. This build allows trucks to achieve huge jumps on the uneven tracks. This could be another explanation for the fervent fan following; there is nothing like seeing a 4,000-pound truck soar through the air on a sunny day in the middle of the desert. These jumps are usually approximately 10 to 20 feet high and span a horizontal distance of 100 to 120 feet long. The driver can actually change the angle of the truck in mid-air by engaging the brakes. There is much more to this sport than dirt clods and engine revving. Another aspect of short course off-road racing is the track conditions. During each lap, the track gets packed in and becomes less forgiving, as a result of the dozens of huge trucks stamping down the dirt. This means that the driver has to adapt to the change in track conditions every single lap.


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